We were contracted by Outsourced Events to put together a complete package of visual engagement for the Citrix EMEA work Summit 2021.

This being the first virtual version of the EMEA summit, Citrix wanted to ensure it was exciting and engaging from the get-go.

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Citrix Virtual event opening video
2021 3d virtual set design

Branded Virtual Sets

Based on the number ‘2021’ and the citrix logo we created a whole 3D world for the event to take place in. This was used as backgrounds and animated and used in the video content we provided and also as a virtual set for the keynote speakers.

The opening talk was filmed with green screen so we could add the speaker into our 3D world and pepper the talk with images, footage and further animation.
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Pre event engagement and social media

We first designed an interactive AR email invite that could be triggered with a QR code, virtually making the branding jump out of the screen.

Cirtix also wanted to promote the event on social media and their site so we animated the event illustrations and turned them into GIFs - easy to share. We also made a longer trailer animation for the event that was used around the web.

Trailer video for the Citrix EMEA work summit 2021

AR Invite

artificial reality qr code invite phone laptop


Post event video

We collated a highlights video to use post event, this was used on social media and a short version was sent out to attendees in a thank you email.

Highlights are also useful for promoting coming events and in this case was also used to point to the On-demand content

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